Thursday, 12 May 2016


yesterday I was taking pictures in the garden.
looking better I saw something so perfect

for me Tao├»sme means perfect harmony   in everything....not static but in everlasting changing
it changes all the time and nothing can excist without its opposite

 I still miss tovke, my dog, so much.
it still hurts so much

this is Tao for me.........

isn't that soothing........


Thursday, 5 May 2016


the fifth of may we used to celebrate  the end of ww 2
it became a larger event
as we honor all death died in every war, we celebrate now freedom as being free

from the bed i lay on i hear the music in the distance, music from the festifal for freedom where i used to go to before my back accident.
such good memories.......

today at the blog from Grace 
 she wrote about feeling free when the wind blowes ( very free interpretation )
she sent me a while ago a pouche/talisman/little baggy where i put all my free thoughts in.
it's so beautiful that my eye catches  it very often so you can imagine how much free moments i have.....if you could feel
can you see the little figure Grace in it?
free as the wind takes me