Friday, 20 April 2012

why bother?

The Spinoza problem.

God is nature, everything happens according to natures rules.
 We have to renovate our house so I'm forced to empty it. As an artist I see possibilities to use almost everything I see. The aspect of saving things in case of  possible war came from my grandparents and parents who suffered in world war 11. I've lots of soap and other useful things they saved. My late husband was the son of prime minister Cals who lived in the bigbig Cats huis with exclusive furniture (far to big to use in a simple house but we have it) heaps of books etc etc. Can you imagine how much stuff (and dust) I gathered? Time has come to be realistic, I never ever have time and power to work with my "treasures". Fortunately Yvonne is in my life for over 20 years. We were felt friends, we met at Inge Evers paper/felt working group,  but now there is so much more between us. We share heavy, happy and sad things in life.  Now she helps me with organising my stuff.
Yvonne is very down to earth, no nonsense and practical. All use full things go to op shops or people she knows and makes happy with them. She helps me unravelling my head too. We had lots and lots of conversations about philosophers and Spinoza is our favourite.Again and again it's clear for me that  things happen in the natural way..... it's time to clear my house because we have to renovate..... because we have a hole in the roof..... because if it rains..... because........ because

why bother if things happen as they were mend to happen.


Sweetpea said...

Clearing out can be very, very good...lightens the *emotional* load (at least for me) and opens up a lot of other possibilities. Wonderful that you have Yvonne. Having extra eyes around that aren't as attached to the stuff like we are can be so helpful.

All best wishes as you sort & toss, Yvette!

vilterietje said...

pijn is relatief en voor ieder is zijn eigen pijn het meest aanwezig.
als het zoals bij jou nu duidelijk het werken en leven belemmert, word je echt een spiegel voorgehouden. lieve yvette ik wens je heel naief: geen pijn:)

Martine said...

als je klaar bent met opruimen kom ik kijken en wie weet.........volg ik wel je goede voorbeeld!

curieuzeneuzemosterdpot said...

da's waar, yvette;
dingen gebeuren zoals ze horen te gebeuren.
veel hebben we zelf niet in de pap te brokken, alhoewel we denken van wel! :-))

in yvonne heb jij de juiste persoon gevonden om komaf te maken met al wat overbodig is! :-))

veel opruim- en weggooiplezier, yvette! ;-))

fijn weekend

Diana Drent said...

Opruimen. Dingen wegdoen omdat ze overbodig zijn. Het is een helende manier. Het maakt je huis weer fijn om in te wonen. Het is niet fijn om in chaos te leven. Daar word je niet rustig van.

Succes met opruimen en weggooien.

Marjolijn. said...

Ja lieverd, dat is een hele grote klus.
Maar het gaat je lukken, en ik weet zeker dat jij straks weer heerlijk in je mooie huis woont.
Succes met alles hé...!!

jude said...

it's time here too.

layers said...

best wishes on cleaning 'out'-- best time of the year.. spring cleaning.

Tammie Lee said...

oh, that sounds like a big job, physically and emotionally. I am so glad you have a good friend in Yvonne, so glad! wishing you the best... when you have less things, you might find yourself very happy. i have been thinking... as i get older it would be good to have less things, less things to clean, to buy, to mend, to care for, to move around.

sending light~

Penny Berens said...

I'm smiling because, like you, I imagine everything as raw material ready to be stitched on or stitched around.
I'm also feeling for you...that clearing out of a few lifetimes of 'stuff' isn't easy.

elly said...

Veel succes met al die opruiming in house and head :-)

zelda said...

can yvonne come here to help me sort out my house too.