Thursday, 10 May 2012

Just back from an appointment with the people taking care of my mother.
It was a good conversation, it made my worries diminish but my mother came sitting with us. She saw me entering the building, searched and found me.
She was angry I didn't call her to be present at the conversation, and later she start crying because I betrayed her by speaking behind her back.
If she couldn't trust me, who could be trusted. Her son, but he was at work. Why didn't Das correct me in speaking about her.
There is no necessity  to speak about her.
She sails between  everything (her words) so they don't see her and don't get mad at her.
Why Yvette, why do you spoil it for me here.
I love you so much and try to be good for you and now you do this to me...why?
she's so sad
I'm so sad

fucking disease (excusé le mot)


Els said...

Wat een zorgen Yvette ....
Sterkte !

colourfullflowergirl said...

Het zit je ook niet mee, lieverd..Wij hebben op't moment ook veel zorgen om mijn ouders.Het is zo moeilijk ze te zien aftakelen.Maar..ik heb ze nog! En daar ben ik dankbaar voor.

deanna7trees said...

my heart is with you. i've been through this. there is no easy way. you just do the best you can.

Diana Drent said...

Mijn moeder gaat ook achteruit, ik leef met je mee.

Sterkte meid.

Marjolijn. said...

Meissie toch, wat moeilijk allemaal.
Dikke knuffel hé.

jude said...

i know, no answer.

curieuzeneuzemosterdpot said...

het spijt me dat het zo gelopen is, yvette!

wat moet dit moeilijk zijn ..

heel veel sterkte en liefde!!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

dear You.
my mother didn't even have the
excuse of the disease. any
disease other than being so
eternally dissatisfied and particularly by her daughter. me.
so...if there is any comfort, it
would be that at least there is
a disease. not just that you are
love to you....

zelda said...

hard times

elly said...

O Yvette. Ik herinner me...

Emoties komen op schreef ik, ermee omgaan is de kunst. Zonder onverschillig te worden en wel betrokken te blijven.

Zo moeilijk
Hou je !!!

Morna C-M said...

It's just so difficult. xo