Sunday, 29 April 2012

magic diaries

magic diaries

a never ending story of possibilities with cloth

quilting was my first love.
My first quilt was a 999 hexagon quilt with pieces of family cloth (pyjama of my grandfather, favourite dress of my grandmother, first friends red "boeren" hankie, etc etc (must make a picture although I have to repaire it )

When I started making felt, I thought it was love forever, also a never ending story of possibilities.
The journey goes on and on. On the pictures felt between 2 layers of natural dyed silk, mended, embroidered, extra patched with beautiful pieces of cloth, new quilt stitches, new applique methods learnt day by day in the magic diary class. How long it takes to finish?                   Does it matter?                                                                         

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

stop thinking..start playing

 I have to stop thinking, being afraid,  troubled, worried, sad, mad, feeling bad.

I have to live the moment..


Friday, 20 April 2012

why bother?

The Spinoza problem.

God is nature, everything happens according to natures rules.
 We have to renovate our house so I'm forced to empty it. As an artist I see possibilities to use almost everything I see. The aspect of saving things in case of  possible war came from my grandparents and parents who suffered in world war 11. I've lots of soap and other useful things they saved. My late husband was the son of prime minister Cals who lived in the bigbig Cats huis with exclusive furniture (far to big to use in a simple house but we have it) heaps of books etc etc. Can you imagine how much stuff (and dust) I gathered? Time has come to be realistic, I never ever have time and power to work with my "treasures". Fortunately Yvonne is in my life for over 20 years. We were felt friends, we met at Inge Evers paper/felt working group,  but now there is so much more between us. We share heavy, happy and sad things in life.  Now she helps me with organising my stuff.
Yvonne is very down to earth, no nonsense and practical. All use full things go to op shops or people she knows and makes happy with them. She helps me unravelling my head too. We had lots and lots of conversations about philosophers and Spinoza is our favourite.Again and again it's clear for me that  things happen in the natural way..... it's time to clear my house because we have to renovate..... because we have a hole in the roof..... because if it rains..... because........ because

why bother if things happen as they were mend to happen.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


In a comment about a post about sadness Tammie wrote

Sadness makes it possible to know how to care for yourself and understand those that share the same. So .. sadness I think is necessary for compassion.

need I say more?

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Inge Evers...


you'll miss Wik your husband
but, the both of you exist in the same continuum
the line is thin

(Inge Evers is the Dutch felting queen)