Thursday, 17 October 2013


Bijschrift toevoegen
 the spirit cloth  classes from Jude hill are  not only about cloth and stitches. It became a way of thinking and communicating further than I can imagine  ...... a ragmate  named Grace wrote,  a couple of days back, about Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and especially about .....DO NOT ADD ......from his book I Am That.
  it seems so simple  but ...but...but.....she knows how to pick just that  and my dilemma has words. I hope this is kind of English or at least understandable.
 Do not add.....
 ...use what you have, or even more important for me.....use what you know, use what abilities you have, be who you are..... 
 All those beautiful works in  class made me so restless, eager, want to do too, my stitches are not regular, not special, my work should be felt, that's boring, I must finish something, when can I sell my work,  my posts are seldom, etcetc....and I'm not the only one thinking that way. These insights about numerous other things (Alzheimer, death, art that heals children, animals, love, loneliness, beauty and don't forget hands...hands that work and grow older, rheumatic curved fingers that heal, care ,strike and milk (Grace) are part of the circle that grows around Jude.
Not just stitches and cloth


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Yvette, i feel you as my True Sister
and your words always life me up,
even the ones that tell of sadness
we do, live shoulder to shoulder
though we are the distance apart,
but shoulder to shoulder it is,
and this October month makes the
feeling stronger.
love to you, to us All

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

that's funny! your words always life me up....i meant lift me up, but when i read it, i though well, yes, they Life me Up too!!!!!

jude said...

what a nice post yvette.

curieuzeneuzemosterdpot said...

groot gelijk, yvette!

je bent perfekt zoals je bent!
er moet niks bij,
er mag niks af! :-))

fijn weekend,

Sandra said...

ah, yvette, wat leerzaam. Ik vind mijn werk vaak niet goed genoeg .... heel herkenbaar. En ik moet je bekennen dat als ik jouw stukje over Jude's circle lees, ik het mis om in die groep te zijn. Maar ik was een andere cursus begonnen bij Flora Bowley, schilderen.

Diana said...

HI Yvette, I'm so sorry about TOF. I know how you feel.If you can get a puppy. Even though it's so much work they do help and give joy. Sadie has for me. I'm glad to hear from you and will try to stay in touch better. Your blog and your words always touch my heart so deeply. Sending you a hug, dear friend,Diana

Mo Crow said...

love the photo of the talisman & beautiful words for the circle Jude has gathered from all 'round the world

Doris said...

Your words always go directly to my heart.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i hold you in my Heart tomorrow...

Nancy said...

Although I've been unable to check in much lately, you've been much on my mind. You say it so perfectly in this post. Thank you for that.

Linda said...

Reading through your blog, I can relate with this post. How I wish I could express myself in words as you have here. Visiting from "what if".