Sunday, 10 November 2013

community garden

always a big surprise when a "webbie" does a post for you
this time such a lovely post from Fresca and what really ment a lot to me was the term

community garden

does it mean.............we all are flowers from the www united in a big beautiful garden? 
for me YES 

so thanks  Fresca and thanks all you fellow flowers for everything ( you know what)

From the community garden,
for Feathers from Heaven, whose wonderful dog Tovke recently passed away...



Ms. said...

I am so grateful the winds of chance blew me into this community garden. What a pleasure to mingle with the endless variety each one of you bring here. Aren't we a colorful garland?

Fresca said...

I hadn't thought of that meaning of "community garden" but you are right! Thank you.

t said...

community garden

there are lots of these small vegie gardens in small towns in Australia, they are grown on any open land in the town, grown by the people for the people. Its hard to think of another meaning.


jude said...

perhaps we are all headed for the community compost. oh ha!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

like a lily in it's own little