Thursday, 8 May 2014

once in a while

once in a while nature shows me how life goes on and on but in different forms
it gives me power to accept death
here a flower and seed at the same plant
I took  my iphone while walking with Blaf and Shuka and could show it to you
isn't it beautyfull?


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

yes. to create so many seeds

Valerianna said...

Yes! And the seed puff is glowing with light.

Willow said...

How profoundly true, wonderful observation to go with the photo .

Sweetpea said...

Nature is a magnificent teacher, I think, especially when we are open & willing to listen ... as you are.

Best wishes from afar.


deanna7trees said...

the 'end' is only a a new beginning.

Martine said...

en mijn medicijnkaart van vandaag was de vleermuis.........hoe toepasselijk!

curieuzeneuzemosterdpot said...

de natuur leert ons alles;
keer op keer op keer ..

prachtige foto met een hele wijze les erbij, yvette! :-))

fijn weekend,

Mo Crow said...

beautiful !

Nancy said...

Ah, the simple dandelion keeps popping up everywhere lately!