Wednesday, 11 February 2015

wieslaw mysliwski

wieslaw mysliwski

in this book i read a sentence that struck me

the narrator tells his story and asked..

isn't remembering a kind of light that comes to us from a no longer excisting star? maybe a memory that may not reach you at all?
isn't the whole life a remembrance?

how little are  the problems in the past you thought you never survive ...

how soothing   isn't it?


Fresca said...

I love the photos too--soothing, yes.

Ms. said...

the light of no longer existing stars--that's beautiful.

Ms. said...

I'm back once more to confess I find myself using that image in similar words since i read it here. Not precisely plagiarism, more like incorporation and mutation. thank you

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the whole life, a remembrance..

i think of this. Some times it
feels that it is so. But i'd
never given it words before...

Mo Crow said...

re memory & remembrance... I loved reading A Map of Glass by Jane Urquhart
here's a sprig of rosemary crushed between my thumb and forefinger to send the scent through the ether