Sunday, 12 July 2015

no escape

can I surrender?
surrender to the pain
not  today .....I feel trapped  ...desperate....I see no way out
pain and me must become friends


jude said...

Sorry to hear but I guess that might be a way through it.

Ms. said...

"Actually everything is simple. There is one straight road
--if you open your eyes you can go along it.
I don't see the need for all sorts of clever short cuts.
Happiness and sadness are both on the road
--there is no road that avoids them
but peace is found on this road--nowhere else."
(Rabindrenath Tagore)

I wish you ease with whatever you face and know that the other side of it is also true.

Which kind of pain? email me at if you wish to.


Nancy said...

I'm sorry for the pain and other feelings you feel right now. I also know that they are a part of it, a part of life...even when we so wish they'd go away. I am here with you Yvette.
I did notice that the image you chose for this post is so beautiful...the delicate flowers and light-filled pale colors. Maybe this says you are coming to a place to embrace beauty instead of or along side of the pain.
Whatever it is, I wish you well in these moments.
Hugs to you friend, Nancy

Liz Ackert said...

may you find respite ...

Patsy said...

Dear Yf,
I will send you much love and light.
Soft kisses dear friend.

antArtiste said...

love and light from me too dear Yvette..<3

Sandra said...

sterkte Yvette!