Wednesday, 17 August 2011

July16- a bit about putting things together

working around


go as it comes
the seemwork interests me, I used to work around a plastic and cut it when round.  To have scraps on your lap and go as it comes sounds nice.
The working at the seems at the backround ...I've the idea it will be the magic trick to make it reversable
Will it be strong enough?
that's the question........

When I'm nervous or restless i HAVE to have something in my hands to make, felt, mend, embroider or patch.
I do this from age 16 and it started with all vacation postcards cut into hexagons???? to make a 999 quilt.
I must find a picture of it.
I loved doing it and still if I look at it I remember where, when, why, with who and so on....memories.

love comes now

Saturday, 6 August 2011

feel or felt

Still way behind at magic diaries but it gave me time to deside.
I've such a lot of felt pieces, felting was my whole life befor my broken back issues. My motto was...a day without felting is a day not lived.
That was also the period in my life I was at the hypo side of my manic depression illness. The medicine (lithium) didn't stay in my body. I lost it directly when I no wonder I went wild, alife and kicking...

Also living at the top of my toes with taking care of  Noud who could dye any moment.
I made him a cloth he want to  take with him in the coffin so he could be tucked in and had the idea I was close to him.. He chose the colors himself.
 When I finished it and gave it to him he said..please Yvette call 911.... I'm not good at all
A couple of hours later he dyed.

A couple of months later I damaged my back at a stupid stupid accident and till the day now , several operations later, spending too much time in revalidation center Heliomare, still on morphine and laying most of the ay flat on my back because I cannot sit.
Walking is ok but sitting is hell.

So what to do whith all my felt leftovers, my dye experiments.................

magic diaries!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 1 August 2011

where to begin

 where to begin?
begin to continue

waiting for the magic moment when I suddenly know

waiting for a feather from heaven

do I have to tidy up first or can magic appear in the middle of chaos

the last I presume