Wednesday, 17 August 2011

July16- a bit about putting things together

working around


go as it comes
the seemwork interests me, I used to work around a plastic and cut it when round.  To have scraps on your lap and go as it comes sounds nice.
The working at the seems at the backround ...I've the idea it will be the magic trick to make it reversable
Will it be strong enough?
that's the question........

When I'm nervous or restless i HAVE to have something in my hands to make, felt, mend, embroider or patch.
I do this from age 16 and it started with all vacation postcards cut into hexagons???? to make a 999 quilt.
I must find a picture of it.
I loved doing it and still if I look at it I remember where, when, why, with who and so on....memories.

love comes now

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