Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Dealing with black

It must be boring to read , but there is an off switch and I need to write things down.
Times are over that I hide my dark feelings and pretend to be happy and full of energy to organise fun stuff
Busy busy busy so I don't feel the dark thoughts, pushing them away.
But if I feel I'm loosing it I have to concentrate at something I love
Otherwise I stay in bed feeling bad
Today was such a day, waking up crying ( why???)
Not knowing what to do with the day except walking the blackones.
We met sheep! 
A herd walks from time to time to eat grass ...everybody happy , well not everybody because you had to leash your dog.
I'm always so surpriced the real sheepherd instinct is still in tact with my dogs. Long ago the breed was official " nederlandse schapendoes "
Back home my mood softened...
Really lifting up yourself by looking at things that moves me worked today


Nancy said...

Exercise, being in nature, being with your beloved dogs, looking at natural beauty and things that move you...I'm glad your mood softened and something worked for you today my friend.

Patsy said...

Hello dear Yf,
I am inspired by your words and how you give me an inside in your way of dealing with the dark feelings.
This shows me to be thankful for what life is giving me, the good and the bad times.
And that you dear Yf show me your whole true self.

love you and big hugz

Ms. said...

Yes yes, NEVER dive into the black unless you have a 'designated driver' :->

I use writing as a means of journeying through, sometimes I use Honey on toast and cartoons, sometimes Buddhist contemplation, Sometimes doodling, other times cleaning, walking, dancing, singing, oh, so many tools to help me along. When exhausted or desperate I wrap up in a comforter and sleep through the day and night till I can sleep no more.

Sending love, and more love, and a little more + Barbara Streisand

Debbie said...

The black is hard to avoid sometimes, I find nature and being in my garden help greatly, also involving myself fuly in my work weaving or stitching.