Thursday, 6 August 2015

The dogs and their tree friends

If one thing helps you when you're very depressed is walking early in nature and my girls earned it so much
So no morphine
Get in the car and drive to the treefriends we are worried about after the storm

The itchy tree is ok
The tree that make me always think at Jude's stray cats is ok

But the Martine tree (last year) is down..can you see blaf left next to the tree?


We were forbidden to go into the bush but would't it be nice for the dogs to play and make holes....



We are so tiny 

But walking in the wood there was noice of helicopters so ....

A woman was missing in the water in zandvoort and the people on the beach spontane made a human life line
( thanks for the unknownphotographer )

We have forces too!


Mo Crow said...

nearly 40 years ago when I was working for a landscape gardener we had to fix a retaining wall that had collapsed. WEe worked all day digging the soil back and rebuilding the wall, after 10 hours I fell on the ground exhausted... unable to move, the boss said, "go for a walk and touch a tree, fatigue is just a state of introversion" So I picked myself went for a walk found, a good tree to lean with, touching that tree opened me up to go back to work for another 3 hours and finish the job. It was one of the best lessons in life I have ever had!

Mo Crow said...

please excuse the typos (((Yvette))) it's 3:33 am and I haven't had my second cup of coffee!